Airport Pick Up Procedure

Toronto Airport Taxi Service delivers effective travel solutions and VIP services to corporate and leisure travelers alike. We go to great lengths to guarantee our guests a superior level of professionalism, discretion, and confidentiality.

Toronto Airport Taxi Service provides services that eliminate the hassle and frustration equated with domestic and international travel. All the time-consuming work is done in advance of your arrival to Toronto Pearson Airport, Buffalo Airport, Hamilton Airport or Toronto Island Airport.
What truly sets Toronto Airport Taxi apart is the high level of personal service our guests experience. By taking advantage of our on-site presence at the airport, we will ensure that small problems remain just that – small.

Our specially-trained representatives provide individual on-the-ground assistance at airports that complements and enhances one’s entire travel experience, eliminating the stress and hassle of traveling today.

Toronto Airport Taxi ensures that after a exhausted flight you get to your residence or hotel with no more trouble.

How To Find Your Taxi Upon Arrival At Pearson Airport

  • After you arrive at Toronto Pearson International Airport & after claiming your luggage always proceed to the pre-arranged taxi limousine area, always look for pre-arranged signage, that sign will bring you to the terminal exit doors.
  • Approach the airport official at the pre-arranged post. Ask him to Call Limo For You from the compound.

Designated Pre-Arranged Posts

For Terminal 1: Go to pre-arranged post at (Door A) and ask airport official to call Limo For You from the compound.
For Terminal 3: Go to pre-arranged post at (Door A / Post # 7) and ask airport official to call Limo For You from the compound.
Your assigned driver will pick you up shortly after being paged.
If you are unable to locate your driver for any reason, it is your responsibility to Call 647-997-8294 OR 1-866-997-8294 we will locate the driver for you.

What Next?

Toronto Airport Taxi ‘s Meet and Greet service is a gesture of our association with our clients. Toronto Airport Taxi just Charge $40 for meet and greet service.

Toll Free: 1-866-997-8294 TAXI

Phone: (647) 997-8294 TAXI